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Protect Our Beautiful County
From Sprawl Development

View of Strada Verde from Highway 25

(2,777 acres in San Benito County)

Flaws of Measure N

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Grassroots Campaign Against Measure N


Measure N Facts

Measure N (Strada Verde) is a misleading proposal from a rich Southern California developer trying to buy your vote. Don’t be fooled. Know the facts:

Vehicle Test Center is a Myth

  • No auto companies have publicly committed to locate at Strada Verde.


Strada Verde is Mostly Warehouses

  • Most buildings planned are warehouses for “distribution and logistics businesses” (almost 6 million square feet).

  • Developer can also build truck stops, car washes, dry cleaners, salons and a "Town Center".


More Traffic Congestion

  • Distribution centers at Strada Verde will create lots more truck traffic on Highways 101 and 25.

  • Local residents will experience more traffic delays and frustration.


Hazardous Location

  • Strada Verde is located right next to TriCal, a pesticide company that produces dangerous, toxic chemicals.

  • An accident at TriCal could harm everyone within a 3.5 mile radius.

  • The County’s own consultant says Strada Verde “should not be approved.”


Destruction of Agriculture, Environment and Cultural Heritage

  • Strada Verde will destroy over 2,000 acres of farmland and ranchland.

  • It's part of an important wildlife corridor for animals moving between Santa Cruz Mountains & Gabilan Mountains.

  • It's located on land that’s culturally significant for the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.


Voter Approval Gives Developer a Blank Check

  • Normally, the rezone of 2,777 acres requires an Environmental Review process with studies of impacts on traffic, public health, wildlife, etc. and public hearings.

  • Voter approval will let the developer skip Environmental Review and hide many negative impacts.


We Can Bring Jobs to Hollister!

  • There are 1,500 undeveloped acres zoned for industrial and commercial uses near Hollister.

  • Developing industries and businesses near Hollister is better for the city’s downtown economy.

  • Approving Strada Verde is bad land use policy and could harm Hollister’s economy.


VOTE NO on MEASURE N… Protect Our Community, Not Developer Profits.






Strada Verde - a New City ?


In 2005, an Arizona developer (DMB) tried to build El Rancho San Benito, a new city with 6,800 homes near Highway 25, just south of Gilroy. The 2008 recession killed that project.


Now, a Southern California developer (Newport Pacific Land Company) wants to build Strada Verde at the same location. In 2018, the developer first proposed thousands of homes to the Supervisors who asked them to reimburse the County staff for processing their project application. The developer was not happy with this expensive and time consuming planning review process. So they cleverly decided to skip the review process by putting their Strada Verde project on the ballot. In 2020, they hired professional signature gatherers to put Measure N on the November ballot. Now, the developer hopes to lure San Benito County residents to vote for Measure N (Strada Verde) with Big Promises of jobs. Don't be fooled!


Measure N is being forced on our community by the developer. It changes the County's General Plan and rezones 2,777 acres of valuable agricultural lands to allow a wide range of industrial and commercial development, including a "Town Center".


If voters approve Measure N, they'll open the door for the developer to build a new city near Highways 25 and 101. Voting for Measure N creates many problems:

  • Adds a great deal of traffic to Highways 25 and 101.

  • Hurts Hollister's economy by building a competing city that's closer to Silicon Valley.

  • Destroys over 2,000 acres of agricultural land that contributes to our food security.

  • Puts people in harm's way as Strada Verde is next to TriCal, a toxic pesticide plant.

  • Opens our County to future lawsuits (This developer has a history of suing communities to get their way. See their lawsuits against Reno. If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile.)

Strada Verde is located between Highways 25 and 101. It borders the Pajaro River, is next to the Santa Clara County line, and seven miles south of Gilroy. 

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