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Protect Our Beautiful County
From Sprawl Development

View of Strada Verde from Highway 25

(2,777 acres in San Benito County)

New Initiative for Nov. 2022

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Our grassroots group of volunteers has worked for almost a decade to protect San Benito County from

sprawl development and bad land use decisions (fracking). Our goal is to give greater voice to the people and enable them to decide how our county grows. Below is a brief history of our projects:

New Initiative (Nov. 2022)

  • We are launching a new initiative called Let Voters Decide How San Benito County Grows.

  • This initiative is necessary because our Supervisors have repeatedly ignored the wishes of citizens regarding land use.


Oppose Strada Verde (Nov. 2020)

  • We defeated a Newport Beach developer's proposal to develop 2,777 acres of agricultural lands (Measure N).

  • Later, the County Supervisors let the developer return with a new application to develop Strada Verde.

Oppose Hwy 101 Node Development (Mar. 2020)

  • We defeated the proposal to develop 300 acres along the scenic Hwy 101 corridor (Measure K). 

  • Later, the County Supervisors allowed developers to rezone two of the nodes for commercial development.

Community Power (2015)

  • We helped to organize support for the approval of the nonprofit, Monterey Bay Community Power, which has greatly increased the use of renewable energy in the Monterey Bay region. This nonprofit has extended its service to include San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and is now called Central Coast Community Power.


Banned Fracking (2014)

  • We passed in 2014 an initiative (Measure J) to stop fracking and other dangerous oil drilling methods in our county.

  • In 2013, the Supervisors negotiated with the local oil industry and adopted some weak regulations regarding drilling.





Recent News

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Submitting Initiative to Elections Office

(January 31, 2022)

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