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Hwy 25 Won't be Widened for 15+ Years

Updated: Jul 12

By Kollin Kosmicki (Item from Supervisor Kosmicki's Newsletter for June 2024)

Highway 25 expansion update: 

I was alarmed to learn at the May COG [Council of Governments] meeting that the current state projection for the Hwy. 25 expansion completion is 15 years at a cost of $600 million to $800 million. The reality is the state no longer wants highway expansions, the Hwy. 25 expansion won't happen for at least two decades at the current pace, if at all, and we must fight back if we’re going to survive as a community. You can watch my comments at this link:

NOTE by PSBC: The Youtube video above refers to a COG Hwy 25 workshop in May 2024 which discussed the possible 15+ year timeline for widening Hwy 25. The reality is that Caltrans DOES NOT have a current plan to widen Hwy 25, according to a recent conversation of a Protect San Benito County representative with the executive director of COG, Binu Abraham.

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