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Our Past Projects

NO on Measure N

From September to October of 2020, a small, determined group of volunteers from Protect San Benito County braved COVID (before vaccines) and the choking smoke from wildfires to campaign against Strada Verde, a Newport Beach developer's proposal to rezone 2,777 acres of agricultural land (Measure N)


In November 3, 2020, over 59% of voters rejected Measure N.


You can read the entire 139 pages of the Strada Verde developer's Initiative (Measure Nhere.


Voter pamphlet information on Measure N, including the ballot question, County staff analysis, and the ballot arguments for and against Measure N are found here.

FAQ regarding Measure N by a land use expert is here.

NO on Measure K

In March 2020, volunteers from Protect San Benito County campaigned in January and February for a referendum to oppose the development of 300 acres at four locations along scenic Highway 101 (NO on Measure K). This section of Highway 101 is an important wildlife corridor and also a culturally sensitive area.

On March 3, 2020, San Benito County voters rejected Highway 101 development with 60% of the vote.

You can read the Measure K referendum here

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Let Voters Decide How San Benito County Grows

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